Ethio-Gulf Trading and Travel Agency, your one-stop solution for all your travel related needs! We provide trip planning, airline ticketing, tour arrangement, hotels reservation, and visa processing services through client testified
superior quality customer service.

At Ethio-Gulf, we know that travel arrangements are delicate matters, and we work to spare our customers the time and hassles of international travel. Be it for business trips or vacations, flawless and scheduled preparation on accommodation and visa are essential to enjoy any trip. We understand that travel is a way of securing and maintaining business relationships. With Ethio-Gulf, you will ensure that these relationships are long-lasting and fulfilling with us making the travel planning the least of your worries.

We also provide import and cargo handling and forwarding services. We not only render a one time service in that regard, but also provide constant assistance and guidance, even after sales have been made to ensure that all the customer’s needs are met. You can contact us during working hours through phone or e-mail and receive assistance.

In addition, we also import and supply genuine products, electrical equipment and more from our branches in Dubai and Djibouti and from anywhere around the world, and are also Tata genuine parts suppliers in Ethiopia. We value customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to achieve it.



Air Ticket Arrangement

The timing of the flight, time of flight, seating quality and seating position are crucial requests in every travel arrangement. With us, you can be 100% sure that your request is being held in highly dedicated and professional hands. We provide our excellent services and products through upholding our client satisfaction policy.

Itinerary and Hotel Booking

There are many choices when it comes to itinerary or hotel booking in Ethiopia and abroad. At Ethio-Gulf, we always have up-to-date information in helping you decide the best combination between price and service; availability and options; planning and implementation.

Visa Processing & Tour Operation

These are one of the most important parts of our services. We proudly inform you that we have fast, attentive and knowledgeable customer service agents always ready and waiting to help you with each step of the process. There is no waiting in Ethio-Gulf. Be sure that you will have the best consultancy, advisory and management that the travel industry can offer!

Import-Export, SHIPPING & Forwarding

Through our offices in Dubai and Djibouti, we manage shipping, forwarding as well as provide import services to clients in Ethiopia. You can be rest assured that your merchandise is in the best hands with Ethio Gulf.
Our mission is to be the leading and most dependable travel management company in the world that sets the standard for professionalism and reliability to its customers.
We strive to be the best that we can be, with integrity, initiative and dependability, to become one of the best trading, travel and cargo agencies in Africa and middle east within five years.
Unshakable loyalty, dedication, courtesy, and professionalism for customer satisfaction.
We value the fact that you, customers, trust us with the details of your travels and we assure that we will not compromise this trust. We have a strict ethical code in dealing with your personal information and strong moral principles in giving recommendations in your travel decisions and in handling your cargo.
The one thing the travel industry cannot do is to be stationary. It is changing with a blink of an eye and we, as professionals, should also be dynamic. We push the boundaries of what is possible by taking in the best methods as they come.
Decades of experience, knowledgeability, solid reputation and recognition in the industry in the gulf region and east Africa. At Ethio-Gulf, we believe that there are only two types of travelers: those who haven't heard of Ethio-Gulf and those who have become life-long customers. The moment you request a service, you will be treated with professionalism and care, unlike any other you have experienced before. Give us a chance and see the difference for yourself.