About us
Wow yourself and your family by traveling with ethiogulf!

Ethio-China Avenue, Dire Dawa Building 3rd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Anwar Masjid, Merkato, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251941 696969/707070/808080/818181

Ethio-Gulf Trading and Travel Agency, your one-stop solution for all your travel related needs! We provide trip planning, airline ticketing, tour arrangement, hotels reservation, and visa processing services through client testified
superior quality customer service.

Ethio-Gulf is an independent agency that provides the best services in ticket arrangement
for international and domestic flights, hotel reservations, visa processing, tour planning, and event
management. We work to ensure that our customers attain their goals and enjoy their
trips while we fully take over the burdens of travel arrangements from them
on their behalf.

At Ethio-Gulf, we know that travel arrangements are delicate matters, and we work to spare our customers the time and hassles of international travel. Be it for business trips or vacations, flawless and scheduled preparation on accommodation and visa are essential to enjoy any trip. We understand that travel is a way of securing and maintaining business relationships. With Ethio-Gulf, you will ensure that these relationships are long-lasting and fulfilling with us making the travel planning the least of your worries.

We also provide import and cargo handling and forwarding services. We not only render a one time service in that regard, but also provide constant assistance and guidance, even after sales have been made to ensure that all the customer’s needs are met. You can contact us during working hours through phone or e-mail and receive assistance.

In addition, we also import and supply genuine products, electrical equipment and more from our branches in Dubai and Djibouti and from anywhere around the world, and are also Tata genuine parts suppliers in Ethiopia. We value customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to achieve it.

We are Travel Agency
Your satisfaction is our reward! We value our customers!
Why Ethio-Gulf
  • We have years of excellence!
  • We are always punctual!
  • We are your safe and sound traveling agent!
  • We provide full package traveling service including air ticket and others!
  • Good customer care!
  • Quality is our brand!
Our mission
  • We always strive for providing a well planned, well organized and safe socio-cultural tour and travel service all over Ethiopia. Here at forship, you will exceed your traveling experience in Ethiopia with a very loyal and hospitable diversified people.
Our vision
  • We want to remain as the preferable and the lead travel agency in the country.
  • We aim to give more exclusive and well-organized service for both our local and international customers who are interested in visiting the so-called, thirteen months of sunshine, Ethiopia.
We value the fact that you, customers, trust us with the details of your travels and we assure that we will not compromise this trust. We have a strict ethical code in dealing with your personal information and strong moral principles in giving recommendations in your travel decisions and in handling your cargo.
The one thing the travel industry cannot do is to be stationary. It is changing with a blink of an eye and we, as professionals, should also be dynamic. We push the boundaries of what is possible by taking in the best methods as they come.
At Ethio-Gulf, we believe that there are two types of travelers: those who haven’t heard of Ethio-Gulf and life-long customers. The moment you request a service, you will be treated with professionalism and care, unlike any other. So give us a chance and see the difference for yourself.